1930's Tijuana

Age of Prohibition and Speakeasies in the USA... Tijuana was the escape to legal liquor and outings.  On this tour we take part of what was taboo and what is taboo all in one day!

In the 1930's megastars like Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and others would cross the border to live freely going out to enjoy cocktails with dinner... and a cigar.  On this tour we enjoy a  currently taboo Cuban cigar, in the same place these stars did enjoying the salad that was created due to a last minute shortage by the owner of his restaurant.   Additionally, we partake in the other game of sport, billiards made famous by Minnesota Fats and Paul Newman in the Hustler, at a pool hall frozen in time.   FInally we go to the only rooftop; building where we can see the view of old TIjuana enjoying some of the best home made craft brewed beers in all of the Californias.

Its a tour you will find nowhere and which you will have plenty to share with your friends about, with plenty of photo ops.