Baja's Best Tours are VIP European-style adventures of Baja and the culture of its biggest city, Tijuana

Eclectic adventure tours riding the pulse of the worlds fastest growing city and region.

Mexico is the worlds fastest growing economy, and Tijuana and Baja California are the industrial hub of what makes this country pump. Akin to Silicon Valley, everyday there is a mass infusion of investment, industrial visitors and tourism, spawning incredible new restaurants, nightclubs, and events... often development is happening so fast its hard for anyone to keep up.   Bajas Best Tours works hard to stay on the pulse of TIjuana and Baja to offer the most cutting edge tours offered in this bustling metropolis and state.

Our Team of Mike and Tim are native Californians with a combined 20 years experience in Baja.   Graduates of the University of California and seasoned travelers having lived also in Europe, Australia and Central America with an affinity for culture and a fun time out.



Custom Tours:


Whatever and whenever you like. Your Design.

Contact us to create your own customized tour of Baja, and let your imagination run wild.  Some of the areas we can and have provided custom tours for whatever day you like.
Beach Bar Hop Coastal Tour
Tequila/Mezcal tours
Wine Country Tours
LGBT Night
Boys Night
Spa's Day out including natural hot spring baths, Girls Day & Girls Night
Gourmet Food tours, Asian, Brazilian, Mexican flavors, Italian, Sicilian, French and more
Wine and cheese tours
24 Hour bars tour
Neighborhood tours
Amusement Parks, Adventure Trekking
Tavern Pubs Tour - Irish/Spanish/Other
... and much much more....

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Tijuana and Baja have many fine options for accomodations. Here are some that are very conveniently located either walking distance or very short cab/bus/uber ride from the start and ending points of many of our tours and easy access to the border.


tijuana grand hotel

This beautuful hotel is located right in the middle of town between neighborhood Chapultapec and Campestre Golf Course.  Walking distance to lots of great places and minutes walk or drive from the beginning and termination point of most of our tours. Fantastic Sunday bottomless mimosa brunch overlooking the golf course. 

Click on the image to go to the site, more information and reservations.

Hotel real del rio

Fantastic location minutes walk to Plaza Rio shopping center, the central beer/bar plaza and fine dining restaurants.  Starbucks inside and also has great bottomless mimosa brunch as well.

Click on the image to go to the site, more information and reservations.


This hotel is very centrally located as well located in colonia Cacho, and close to Chapultapec and Zona Rio Neighborhoods.  Walking distance to great restaurants and sights.  Nice views of the city.

Click on the image to go to the site, more information and reservations.